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We will use two ways to identify which Bluetooth stack is installed on (desktop) Windows. Firstly how the stack's Control Panel appears, and secondly how the components appear in Device Manager.

To visually identify which stack is installed see, and


In Device Manager the parent node is named Bluetooth Radios.

Microsoft Bluetooth node named "Bluetooth Radios" in Device Manager
Device info

The Control Panel is named Bluetooth Devices. However in Windows 7 this isn't visible but is reached through the standard "Devices and Printers" view.

Window 7
Microsoft Bluetooth Control Panel in Windows 7 via named "Devices and Printers"
Window XP
Microsoft Bluetooth Control Panel is named "Bluetooth Devices"


In Device Manager the parent node is named Bluetooth Devices.

Widcomm node named "Bluetooth Devices" in Device Manager

The Control Panel is named Bluetooth Configuration.

Widcomm Control Panel is named "Bluetooth Configuration"


In Device Manager the parent node is named Bluetooth USB.

BlueSoleil parent device node named "Bluetooth USB"

There is no Control Panel item.




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alanjmcf Aug 19, 2012 at 9:08 PM 
It would be better to continue the discussion as a Discussion.

However, are you using the library there? If so what's the value of BluetoothRadio.PrimaryRadio.SoftwareManufacturer?

BitFlipper Aug 18, 2012 at 4:55 PM 
Sorry I'm a noob at Buetooth programming and have the following question... I'm writing an application for a Windows CE 6.0 device that has BT. How can I identify which BT stack is used on that device? I'm running into issues communicating with another device (connecting is fine), but without knowing how to identify the stack it is using, it is hard to search for solutions.

For instance, which DLLs need to be present on the WinCE device for which stacks?

The reason I ask is because I would expect to see a DLL being loaded in VS debug output when creating a new BT connection, but I'm not seeing any DLL being loaded.

Is there a list of supported stacks and their DLLs so that I can figure it out?