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Referencing the Library

The library is provided as an assembly with name InTheHand.Net.Personal.dll. The installer arranges that it can be selected directly from Visual Studio’s Add Reference dialog.
Note: Many of the recent version of the library were provided as ZIP files alone and don't included an installer script/program; they do not add the library to the .NET tab, instead you'll need to "Browse" to the library on disk.

Two versions of the library are provided, one for use with: desktop (Win32) CLR and one for NETCF v2.0 applications. They are installed in directories called XP2 and CE2 respectively. The correct one for the project type is listed in the Add Reference dialog as above.

Like the classes in the standard network library, the library classes in 32feet.NET are in a number of namespaces. One or more Imports/using directives will thus be required. For example:

Imports InTheHand.Net // e.g. BluetoothAddress, BluetoothEndPoint etc
Imports InTheHand.Net.Sockets // e.g. BluetoothDeviceInfo, BluetoothClient, BluetoothListener
Imports InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth // e.g. BluetoothService, BluetoothRadio

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