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Behaviour from servers

Most devices with an OBEX Server don’t return a different response code depending whether the user accepted the received object or rejected it. In most cases the server actually only prompts the user after the complete object has been received.

This is the case for all the portable devices that I've seen; for instance PalmOS devices and Nokia mobile phones — they return an error code only if the object was too big to be received for instance. One device that does prompt before the object is received is Windows XP etc [This is no longer the case, "Bluetooth File Transfer" server in Windows XP does not block the sender waiting for user response]: the user is prompted, which blocks the continuing transfer until the user replies.

Note that iPhones have no support for OBEX. On a Blackberry device the the server has to be manually enabled, select Media->Menu->"Receive Using Bluetooth", see The same is true on desktop Windows with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack, one needs to run the "Bluetooth File Transfer" application and select Receive mode.

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