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2.5 Production

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Released: Jan 25, 2010
Updated: Feb 21, 2010 by alanjmcf
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Release Notes

This is a incremental release implementing various features for Widcomm that weren't completed for 2.4, there are also numerous bug fixes, particularly in OBEX support.

Again due to administrative reasons, this version is currently supplied without its normally installer. We recommend you uninstall any previous version before you use this version, otherwise the compilers will use the old assemblies by default. Check the compiler output to check that the correct library assembly is being referenced.

The features and bug fixes in this release include the following. For Bluetooth:
• Support for Bluetooth authentication on Windows Vista and Windows 7. (bug 24969)
•Support for using both the Microsoft and Widcomm Bluetooth stack at the same time and from the same program. (bug 25873) See the user guide for information on using this support.
• Better reporting of missing dependency DLLs on Widcomm. Firstly we no longer require the extra btwapi.dll as supplied by Widcomm. Secondly we manually check what dependencies are required and report any that are missing, in particular if no stack loads then we report explicitly that we need 32feetWidcomm.dll. (bugs 23219, 26009)
• Complete support for BluetoothListener on Widcomm. (bugs 23144, 25569)

For OBEX there are also multiple fixes, including:
• In both client and server we correctly now read from the network, previously if the connection closed we could loop forever. (bugs 23125, 25856)
• Basic support for GET in ObexWebRequest.
• ObexListener now doesn’t return incomplete PUT operations — previously it did and could then hang in WriteFile. It also closes the connection after one PUT, previously it would merge together their content.
• ObexWebRequest doesn’t try to send a DISCONNECT packet always, thus hiding the real error when the connection had been closed. Also correctly handles packets to OBEX FTP servers etc.

On Win32 with Widcomm, the native DLL requires a particular version of the VC++ Runtime (aka CRT) -- currently version 8.0.50727.4053. If you get a PlatformNotSupportedException, and running the Test32FeetWidcommWin32.exe program reports e.g. "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." Then you need to installed a new version of the CRT from I hope to create a installer to handle this dependency.

Bluetooth — Widcomm
#23144BluetoothListener doesn't listen without call to Begin-/AcceptIssue
#23219reportAllErrors config setting etc for--Diagnosis of failure to load Widcomm support is very difficultIssue
#23223Current SocketExceptions include the base message which is just confusing!Issue
#23314An exception in HandleDiscoveryComplete causes Connect to hangIssue
#24177Abort Connect whilst in (slow!) SDP lookupFeature
#25362BtCli.RemoteMachineName never returns a nameIssue
#25569BluetoothListener stops accepting connectionsIssue
#25802Support stream timeoutsFeature
#25815BluetoothListener NRE on Start-Stop-StartIssue
#25845Report missing dependency DLLs from the main libraryFeature
#26009If no Bluetooth stack loads, include in exception if Widcomm stack seems presentFeature
#26017Don't load stack support, if no dongle is connected (Feature

#24561Must ensure to close socket in MSFT BluetoothListener when error removing recordIssue
#24969Windows 7 support for BluetoothWin32AuthenticationIssue

#23125More ObexWebRequest use of Stream.Read is not corr

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