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Bluetooth pairing used for Dial Up Networking on Windows Mobile

Topics: Bluetooth - Widcomm/Broadcom
Feb 10, 2014 at 10:25 PM
While not directly a 32 feet issue, I'm hoping someone here has experience with the problem I'm working through here and may be able to assist.

I've been tasked with writing an application for Windows Mobile that establishes a pairing with a phone and then uses it's internet to then transmit data from the device to a C# webservice. The webservice is written, and works (tested via wifi), and creating the pairing between the phone and the device seems to work as well.

I am having a few problems however:

1.) I have not been able to successfully create the pairing in the device with the 'Dialup Networking' service enabled, nor can I see it in the device settings screens without rebooting the device.

2.) I'm using XML Provisioning to create the Bluetooth Dialup Modem in the device, and providing the details require to dial (such as phone number, username, password etc). And this creates correctly using the ProcessConfiguration command. The problem I'm having here is when you manually create this modem connection through the control panel, you are asked to choose a bluetooth partnership, and I can't find any way to define this step through my code.

Any thoughts that anyone could provide on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

I've been stuck on this problem for about a week now, and I'm running out of ideas.