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Lost when Read first bit

Topics: Bluetooth - Microsoft, Bluetooth - Other
Jun 3, 2013 at 7:16 AM

My problem occurs when I try to read bits from GPS. Not all GPS, only one : SOKKIA GRX2.
Here is my code :
Client = new BluetoothClient();
BluetoothEndPoint ep = new BluetoothEndPoint(BluetoothAddress.Parse(strAdresse),             BluetoothService.SerialPort);
Stream peerStream = Client.GetStream();
byte[] buf = new byte[240];
int b = peerStream.ReadByte();
This code works for all GPS I've tested (Holux, Trimble, ...). However, last line stucks my thread for Sokkia GPS. No error throwed, even in debug, the thread is stucked for hours !

Is there something I miss to set or check ?
Thanks in advance.