Unsupported Bluetooth Stack [Solution]

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Jun 19, 2012 at 4:34 PM

I may have found a solution to solve the issue of "Unsupported Bluetooth Stack". In this case I got it to work for Win XP.

After hours of research, I finally found a solution to the Unsupported Bluetooth Stack issue with 2 of my Win XP laptops. I have a work and personal laptop, both running Win XP and both had a Toshiba Bluetooth Stack installed. After removing the Toshiba Bluetooth stack Win XP will not recognize the built in Bluetooth (USB) device. There is a way to solve this and this will allow you to use this library (32feet). In addition, you can use the Windows Bluetooth stack to pair/connect devices as well.

I used two laptops that were running Windows XP SP3, both had different built in Bluetooth modules. This was not tested using Bluetooth dongles. One laptop is labeled as a Centrino, and the other is a Centrino 2.

I do not take responsibility for any damages caused by following or incorrectly following the procedure explained below.

Solution for Win XP: (May work for other newer Operating Systems)
1) Read this article: http://www.kozen.de/kozens-howtos/get-microsoft-bluetooth-stack-work-with-unsupported-bt-dongles/

From this article you should just get a brief understanding of what we will be doing.

2) It appears internal Bluetooth modules are actually using USB. Uninstall your Toshiba Bluetooth stack or any other stack. Once this is done, you will not have a Bluetooth stack (unless Windows recognizes your module). You will not see a blue and white Bluetooth icon in the system tray or in Control Panel.

3) Turn on or plug in your Bluetooth device/radio. In device manager you will see a yellow question mark, indicating that a particular piece of hardware is not supported.

Click on it > Properties > click on the Details tab > Record the VID and PID (or the entire string for now)

4) Browse to the following file, C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i3686\bth.inf.

Open the file and scroll down. You will need to put a new entry into this file, I put my entry under the ALPS (first one) manufacturer. Type the following:

My Stick Name 1=BthUsb, USB\Vid_1131&Pid_1001
My Stick Name 1=BthUsb, USB\Vid_1131&Pid_1001&Rev_0373

You may need the revision. I formatted the entry to match the existing entries. Doe not make any typos when entering the VID and PID, otherwise Windows will not recognize the device and you will need to re-check this step.

5) Save and close the file.

6) Unplug or turn off the Bluetooth module.

7) Plug in or turn on the Bluetooth module and Windows will prompt you to install the device. You should indicated that you know where the driver is located and point it do the bth.inf file.

Afterwards Windows will attempt to ask for more files (~5), skip/cancel out of those, since you will need to have the Windows XP CD.

8) After that you should see the new Bluetooth icon appear in the system tray. Wait 1-2 minutes while the Bluetooth module is fully installed.

9) Go to the Control Panel and now you should see a Bluetooth icon. Test it to see if you can pair and connect to Bluetooth devices. Now you will be able use the 32feet library and not have that "Unsupported Bluetooth Stack" error.

I hope this works  for everyone, and good luck!