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Sample SdpBrowserDesktop75pc.png Provides very flexible client and server connections, and showcases SDP parsing and querying. Use this app for testing connecting to you own services.
Multiplatform chat application, versions for Smartphone/ Pocket PC and Desktop. This replaces the previous BluetoothChat sample. Note: is not useful for testing general connections, use BluetoothSDP instead.
Sample Chat2Desktop.png
Desktop listener and Smartphone client, forwards button presses to the desktop, can be used to remotely control Powerpoint etc
Used to send any file object to an available device over Bluetooth or IrDA
Visual Basic device project (VS2003)
Listens for and stores incoming objects (Designed for use on a Windows XP/Vista machine)
Pocket PC equivalent (Turn off default Beam option on device for this to run)
Shows the IrDA functionality


Replaced by BluetoothChat2 — it doesn’t hang at start-up doing a discovery, and uses one connection between the pair of chat users to transfer the messages back and forth.

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kcoul Mar 6, 2013 at 12:47 AM 
Hi there, I am getting an error on line 56 of Data.vb for the Sdp Browser (line with : Implements IEquatable(Of BluetoothServiceItem).Equals )

The error says that the interface is not implemented by the class. This error seems to be blocking a successful conversion of the project to C# using , as despite what's stated in the Visual Basic Samples subheader here:
not all C# developers can read VB ;-)