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Microsoft Bluetooth Stack

Many standard devices use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack on Windows. Most third-party radio devices can be used with the Microsoft stack even if they come provided with an alternative stack. See for a step-by-step explanation.

Note that like all(?) of the stacks on Win32, the Microsoft stack supports only one attached radio. For instance on the Microsoft XP stack when I have two dongles attached I see an event log warning from BTHUSB with message “Only one active Bluetooth radio is supported at a time.” Also see Bluetooth Wireless Technology FAQ - 2010 which says "How many Bluetooth radios can Windows support? The Bluetooth stack in Windows supports only one Bluetooth radio. "

This is apparently also true for the Microsoft on Windows Mobile/CE. From MSDN: "1.Only one Bluetooth controller is supported." from Bluetooth Stack Implementation Considerations - Windows CE 5.0

x64 support

There were problems on older versions when running on x64. Most things were fixed in version 2.3 (workitem 14698 Support running on 64-bit platforms (x64)), but BluetoothListener was fixed in v2.4 (workitem 22501 BluetoothListener broken on 64-bit platforms (x64)). All problems should be fixed in recent versions.

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