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Cannot create connection

Topics: IrDA
Sep 30, 2013 at 9:22 AM
I'm using 32feet to create a connection between a PDA and another older unit. The OS of them are Windows Embedded 6.5 resp. pSOS.
When I run the IrDAClient.Connect(IrDAEndPoint) I get an error (10060) when using the PDA. But if I try to use a PC (Windows 7) instead of the PDA I don't have any problem connecting.

I'm using VS2008. To test this I'm using the example programs (IrDAServiceClientCF and IrDAServiceClient) without any changes to them.

I don't have the code for the other older unit, but I know that it uses IrCOMM 9-wire and Tiny TP with a serviceName IrDA:IrCOMM.

So I'm just wondering if someone could help to point me in the correct direction or tell me if I made some obvious error.

Johan Norberg