Difference between pin request

Topics: Bluetooth - Microsoft
Jun 27, 2013 at 7:35 PM
I want to use the .NET but find a way to start.

First of all I want to pair automaticly with and bluetooth device, when pairing is ready there has to be an virual serial port on which I can control the device.
I want to try to use InTheHand.net in Labview, hopefully somebody can help me a bit, Labview is not the problem but how to implement the .NET.

It will be used on a normal pc (windows xp) with an standard bluetooth stick.

Which steps (in sequence) do I have to perform to :
search for available bluetooth device
open an specific bluetooth device (including the pairing)
initiate virtual serial port (and leave it open)
finally close it.

What's the differnce between:
32feet.NET ► InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth ► BluetoothWin32AuthenticationEventArgs ► Pin
Gets or sets the PIN string to be used to authenticate the specified device.


32feet.NET ► InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth ► BluetoothSecurity ► PairRequest(BluetoothAddress, String)
Intiates pairing for a remote device.

Thanks in advance!