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First steps for Bluetooth discovery/pairing

Topics: Bluetooth - Microsoft
Mar 18, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Hello. I am looking for advice on a C#/.Net application I am just getting started on. I would like to start off as simple as possible and for now concentrate on making a small utility that can listen for devices that are Discoverable and/or attempting to send out a pairing request.

The reason is that for a project I am contributing to ( ), the bluetooth device in question is almost totally unable to pair with Windows using conventional methods. My guess is that the main reason is that it only switches into Discoverable mode for extremely short periods of time thanks to robust support from the intended hardware.

So I am attempting to duplicate that kind of support from a Windows machine. We have other code in place that can successfully retrieve the Mac address of the device seeking to be connected after first connecting it via USB and running a utility.

I am hoping that knowing that Mac address ahead of time within the application could allow for reliable pairing that bypasses the usual way of pairing in Windows and does first-time pairing via this yet-to-be-built utility instead. After it had been paired once via the utility, it could then connect normally to the Windows machine simply by turning on the device (this already works if the device was paired successfully once before).

Is there any source code in the examples that is particularly relevant to this situation? Thanks in advance.